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Some big ideas come from asking pretty simple questions… As it turns out the inspiration and vision for the development of an innovative Care Delivery Platform at WellMed was born out of necessity.  A necessity to accurately and efficiently deliver timely information about patients health status to caregivers at the point of care and document […]

On the eve of what is anticipated to be another triumph for Apple I show you that there are some roads Apple would prefer not to venture down again. So here, for your edification, are some of Apple’s more memorable failures. At least they learned from them… read more

Like most people who have used computers in the past 15 years I am very familiar with Microsoft’s products. Office 2007, which was made available to the general public on January 30, 2007 had some profound user interface enhancements; many of which I like. The ribbon interface is one of the more innovative features to […]

Time and time again I see vendors with products that claim to help help clinicians practice healthcare yet are flawed in the way they execute the user interface. About five years ago I was part of a development team creating a new ambulatory EMR product and one of the things we learned in working with […]