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As the HIE Liaison for the local San Antonio HIMSS chapter I’m very happy to announce our next chapter meeting with feature Dr. Steve Steffensen, MD a Professor of Neurology, JHU Chief Medical Information Officer, TATRC. Dr. Steffensen is one of the key individuals working National Health Information Network (NHIN) issues for the Department of Defense. Dr. Steffensen will speak this month on the CONNECT open source toolkit for implementing Health Information Exchanges (HIE) and moving toward the NHIN.

SugarCRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) application with the tag line “commercial open source”. This seems like a contradiction of terms but one of the founders and current CEO , John Roberts, is an open source advocate and former engineer so he understands the value in opening up the application and providing a free […]

For all you mobile WordPress bloggers with iPhones. A new WordPress app is now available in the iTunes App Directory. Not available yet for mobile download but I would imagine that will get refereshed soon as well. Works great and users are finally able to post pictures while blogging on the run. Setup is pretty […]

Having just sent my Macbook off for repair this past Sunday …l was left in a quandry as I had a very important meeting with the CIO of a Academic Medical Center on the east coast. ┬áMy data was tucked safely away on my network drive however the only laptop I had was one running […]


23, Jun 2008

My wife’s eCommerce site has launched here Princess and the Peas and she is adding products like crazy… It has been an interesting experience watching this come together. My wife has done a lot of work and the design is awesome. She as let me totally take care of the technical aspects of the site […]

Programming Itch

26, May 2008

I’ve got the programming itch again… For years I’ve done development on and off mostly for personal use. I created my first official application for an academic medical center in Houston a couple of years ago. It cleaned up a pharmacy database inside the EMR and updated the entries with a third party catalog of […]

Microsoft today broke from its tradition of primarily endorsing in-house formats by revealing that it will add support to Office for a number of universal standards outside of its own. Office 2007 Service Pack 2 will support the Open Document Format (ODF) touted by OpenOffice, Sun’s StarOffice, and other third-party tools. read more