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Book Review: REWORK

23, May 2011

Rework offers a refreshing series of essays covering a variety of topics many startups and nascent entrepreneurs would be wise to follow. From the cultivation of a “culture” to the core of what drives your business…the people and hiring those who are really driven and will help your organization grow by sparking a passion and desire to build not just profitable but exciting organizations your employees and customers can get behind.

Rules for Startups

20, Jul 2008

Billionaire Mark Cuban gives valuable advice for those contemplating a business start-up. A lot of what he says makes sense and would be wise decisions for anyone to follow. I’ve worked for some companies who didn’t follow many of these points… Needless to say I’m not working there any longer. read more Web entrepreneur Jason […]

Now a record breaking winner of six coveted Black Pencil awards for excellent design, Apples Senior VP of Industrial Design, Jonathan Ive appears to be a logical successor to Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs’ unique personality and approach is certiainly unique however as we see Bill Gates make his departue it is not unforseeable to think […]