American Healthcare

3 May

So I came across this infographic on Business Pundit and thought I would share.  It’s a great example of where things have headed south in American healthcare…  I use several of these statistics on the incredible rising costs and disease states in my speeches on healthcare IT, but a few stood out.  Specifically the lack of funds being directed to preventative services like Home Health…  Almost 50% of all deaths are related to only two disease categories…  Heart Disease and Cancer.  While there is not yet a cure for cancer there are preventative measures Americans can take to reduce their risk of Heart Disease, and chronic respiratory diseases…  We are a privileged nation with a lot of luxuries afforded to us but we have to start taking care of ourselves and change our habits otherwise the trend of costs and burden on our system will continue its sharp upward trend.

The Per capita spending never ceases to amaze me… but putting it into tangible real-world examples makes a big impact.  Would you pay $95,526 for a Volkswagen Beetle or $176.58 for a family dinner?  How far could you get when gas is $13.50 a gallon?

American Health Infographic

Enjoy and thanks for putting this together.

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