Book Review: We-Think: Mass Innovation, Not Mass Production

1 Nov

I just finished reading “We-Think:  Mass Innovation, Not Mass Production”.  We-Think is an interesting concept that focuses on the Internet and how it increases your level of connection with others.  The process of becoming connected increases your chances of collaboration in areas that otherwise may have gone unnoticed.


If you live and breath the Internet as part of your job or everyday life it states several things we already know about the ubiquity of the Internet and how it democratizes communication throughout the world, politics, and industry.  Never-the-less the book offers several examples of how this ubiquity translates into fundamental change and collaboration among users across all demographics.  Of particular interest are the transformation of politics in different areas of the world.  The Internet can’t be singled out here as it is but one major form of wider communications that allow people to socialize ideas and concepts.  Of course you run the risk of the “group-think” mentality but as the author mentions the connectivity gives way to enhanced freedoms in key areas allowing the venue for free thinking, challenging traditional media and political views, and even start your own mini-media empire.  I rated the book a 7 on a scale of 1-10.  A worthy read if you are interested in transformative examples the Internet has had in economic, political, and organizations steeped in a traditional mind-set.

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