MSHUG 2009 Day Two

3 Sep

Today wrapped up the final day of MSHUG 2009.  Most of the seminars were good and cements the notion that I would like to present the innovative development and architecture we are implementing at WellMed at a future MSHUG Exchange.  Microsoft is putting their efforts and resources behind the Microsoft Common User Interface ( and are set to release the  next version in October 2009 with another iteration set for the first half of 2010.

One of the more interesting items outside the conference rooms was the Microsoft Surface Table.  It was equipped with several healthcare applications including many Windows Presentation Foundation applications that included 3D manipulations of a heart,  personal health records, as well as document and image manipulation.  It made for a very compelling application for interaction between physician and patients

The next Exchange will be in the days before HIMSS 2010 which will be in Atlanta, GA.  In addition to some good sessions I was privileged to meet other healthcare professionals who share the same passion for technology and quality care delivery.

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