MSHUG 2009 Day One

2 Sep


Day one is complete and this year the attendees seem a bit smaller than last year.  The presentations were good and can be downloaded from the website.  I enjoyed the developer tracks more than others.  It is clear that our architecture decisions to move forward with a Silverlight implementation of a client application will well supported by Redmond in the coming years.  Microsoft’s position in healthcare is to build the platform by which others will build solutions.  I was expecting a stronger Amalga HIS presence but this was strangely absent from many of the first day discussions.  Tomorrow will have an interesting keynote on the Medical Home and the UIM component of Amalga which will be very relevant given our work in this space at WellMed Medical Management.  The closing keynote for today’s session was given by Microsoft’s current Corporate VP and CIO, Tony Scott.  He offered some insight into his perspective into Microsoft and the direction they are headed in relative to product development.  Of particular interest was the fact they deploy their release candidates to the majority of internal Microsoft employees prior to general release to the public.  This means of course that 90% of the MS staff are using Windows 7.  If I could take away one thing from today’s sessions that would be “innovation”.   There are several innovative items we are working on relative to architecture, application integration, and data warehousing at work that I hope to speak on in future posts.  As for tomorrows sessions there are several on teh clinical informatics track and developer tracks that look interesting.  Until tomorrow….

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