2009 Data Breach Investigations Report

16 Apr

It is difficult to live the life of a security officer knowing that you are simply managing risk and constantly trying to stay ahead of some of the brightest minds in the world.  One of the many things that keeps me awake at night is the security of our data which is job one throughout all layers of IT in our organization from network, infrastructure, informatics, and application development.  To get to this point requires a lot of planning and collaboration between all areas of IT and the individuals who utilize those resources.

Source:  Verizon

Malware has become a very serious threat so limiting access to online resources has almost become a necessity as the 2008 report from Verizon mentioned that more than one-third of all cases investigated were malware related contributed to nine out of ten of all records breached.  Security requires a vigilent and proactive approach.  With CMS guidelines for payers becoming more strigent the risk to business is much more pronounced requiring security to become an important part of an organizations strategic initiatives.  You can check out the story here or download a PDF version of the report here.

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