HealthVault Connection Center Beta 1.2

13 Sep

Microsoft has just released HealthVault Connection Center Beta v1.2 which is a desktop utility that helps people upload data from health and fitness devices to their HealthVault account.  This is a good step in bridging the gap between a patient and physician between visits.  Having an updated list of blood pressure, weight, peak flow measurements, heart rate, among others is a great way to arm your physician with information germain to a patients health, especially for physicians trying to track and monitor chronic diseases.

The interface is pretty straight forward and matches the already easy to use HealthVault web based interface.

Once setup and configured for your device data can be uploaded automatically.
Microsoft has gone out of its way to ensure the SDK for HealthVault can interface with a wide variety of backend platforms by providing Java API’s and allowing others to communicate via standard web services based interfaces.  With all this cross platform communication whats lacking right now is a Mac version of the application.  With the integration of Nike+ with the newest version of the Apple iPod Touch it seems like a logical progression for easily allowing patients to send their exercise data to their PHR.

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