Travel Assistant

27 May

I’ve been traveling a number of years and the Internet has certainly proven a convenience not only to me but to my employers pocket book as the ability to find specials and better deals have increased tremendously. The only problem is keeping all your travel arragements in order. I’ve come across a site called Tripit that hand’s down has become a great tool for me to use. Here is how it works:


  1. Setup your account on and user your e-mail address that you receive reservation and itenerary confirmation from. For me it’s my work e-mail address.
  2. Now just forward these confirmation e-mail you receive to and voila it is parsed ala some rather good Web 2.0 magic and presented in a schedule suitable for quickly finding the information you need right away for your trip.

And it wasn’t until they developed an iPhone compatible mobile version that I was really impressed. These folks really seem to get it. While I would suggest they add a few more features it is a really valuable service for those of us who stay on the road. I am in now way associated with Tripit but do want to give good mention to a very useful website.



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