Alcatel-Lucent Announces TikiTag RFID Reader and Tag Kit for Developers

8 Sep

An Alcatel-Lucent backed product called Tikitag is an RFID tagging system set to go live on October 1st . Much along to the same lines as my last RFID post this product has a lot of applicability for linking physical tags with websites. The first thing that comes to mind is the use of such tags for identifying patients during check-in and allowing emergency room physicians easy access to vital patient records during an acute care visit. Anyone can pick up a reader and ten tags for $50 on October 1st.

At this price point creating a simple application to match an RFID tag to a specific patient portal entry point would not be to difficult to implement. Access can be location based and limited to certain functions such as check-in or emergency access by a physician to critical medical information in an ER.

In terms of providing ease of patient interaction with a clinic the applications seem endless. The tags appear small enough to apply to a card or stand alone as part of a keychain. Patients can keep their demographic information current via a patient portal and have the information validated when the patient presents with their RFID tag at the front desk. If the patient has several locations to go to the tag can be used at a wayfinding kiosk to guide the patient to their next appointment. The tikitag utilize passivie RFID technology and active readers to activate the 13.56 MHZ signal within the tag which is also compatible with the Near Field Communication standard beinging implemented in several Nokia mobile phones. While I think the US is far behind Europe in implementing such integrated features from cell phones it is not out of the realm of possiblity that a progressive clinic could implement such tagging technology to ease patient flow or provide a valuable service to their patients.

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