Microsoft Developing Its Own App Store for Windows Mobile?

31 Aug

It appears that Microsoft, noticing the success of the App Store from Apple, is set to launch its own app store for windows mobile platforms given a recent job posting on The description states the senior project manager will ead a team that will “drive the launch of a v1 marketpace service for Windows Mobile.” The success of the iPhone App Store is a sure way to drive traffic from a mobile platform. I must agree that searching the app store is far simpler than scouring the Internet in search of an applicaiton for your mobile smart phone. While I’ve certainly had my fair share of issues with the iPhone v2 firmware at least Apple has recognized and actively fixing issues which is a far cry from the issues I’ve experienced on Palm, Windows Mobile, and yes even Blackberry Mobile Operating Systems.

I’m seeing a steady increase in the use of iPhone’s in physician hands. With apps like ePocrates hitting the Apple App Store it won’t be long before more and more physicians take advantage of the quick search capabilities offered by Mobile Safari and reference tools such as ePocrates. At the Microsoft Health Users Group meeting this past week I would say I noticed about 1/3 of the users were iPhone owners. I spoke with the CIO of a healthcare portal company and he is actively developing an application interface for his product. If healthcare application developers would focus more on the interface of their apps I think physicians and clinicians alike would adopt the iPhone as a valid platform. The sheer number of developers for Windows Mobile is tremendous and Microsoft has made it very easy to develop in this platform regardless of your programming language of choice. The iPhone has several enterprise related issue to address before IT managers adopt this as a platform worthy of supporting in larger organizations.

Source: CNet

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