Health Monitoring Solutions for Patients

29 Aug
Dr. Touch will soothe your HMO pains

Intel Health PHS5000 is not the first implementation of an in-house health monitor but if I were to judge by the looks of the User Interface I would say this device may have some promise for monitoring one’s health at home so long as you stay home most of the time. Currently being trialed in Asia this device will monitor and check for problems related to chronic diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, etc… Assuming that smiley faces are good and you know what the resulting charts mean in terms of your physicians plan for you I think this might prove useful in visualizing a patients health.

While I agree that devices like this are useful they do not address the primary issue of not being with the patient all of the time. I think devices such as the iPhone will prove far more useful in terms of being an enabler to patients to monitor their health. Its interface is more in tune with providing easy input and quickly being able to enter data, send progress updates to a personal health record, and of course contacting your physician office by phone if necessary.

iPhone Keyboard Typing Email

A mobile iPhone solution can easily offer patients:

  • Reminders and Alerts to take medication or perform blood-checks
  • Secure connections with PCP’s can enable physicians access to real-time data
  • Mobility will not confine you to your home but rather be in your pocket ready to go
  • Software updates via the App Store will also provide easy updates as necessary

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