Conversation with Bill Crounse, M.D.

27 Aug

I had a great discussion with Dr. Bill Crounse, Director of Worldwide Health at Microsoft about their direction and focus on healthcare initiatives.  I’ve followed Bill’s blog for about a year and his insight into the ways Microsoft is innovating in healthcare is insightful.  He mentioned working with Robert Scoble, Microsoft’s former blogger extrodionare, and the need to show the world outside of Microsoft the innter workings of their relative verticals (e.g. healthcare, development, and R&D)  and how they have taken a core approach to technical interoperability and how it addresses business needs.  I do think they are strategicially looking at healthcare and not trying to blanketly push their technologies into this space without clear end-goals.  While this conference has been very tech heavy, it has thankfuly addressed several issues we deal with in our discussions with clients on a regular basis such as content management, business processes, user processes, and workflow tools.  Dr. Crounse has traveled abroad several times and offers his perspective on implementations Microsoft has done in other coutries such as China and Spain.   Especially insightful is his conceptual applications for technologies coming out of Microsoft’s R&D department.  While I’m quite doubtful for touch technology in their latest table implementation there is some value as you will see in the video I posted yesterday about it’s “Minority Report” style display tehnologys for interacting with the vasts amounts of data patients accumulate throughout their continuum of care via different multitouch displays.  Take a look at his healthcare  blog at Microsoft and his past entries for some perpective and technologies in place in other organizations.

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