Teens to take embarrassing ailments to Second Life doctors

16 Aug

Spanish health authorities launched a virtual portal through Second Life designed to help young people too embarrassed to speak to a doctor about sexually transmitted disease or a drug problem. “This idea started as a way to connect real health professionals and adolescents and to give internet users a reliable space to get health advice.”  If you can’t get the patients to come to you then you go to where the patients are, and with the wild popularity of online communities such as Second Life this is another way for physicians to reach out to the community, especially for embarrassing conditions.  I’ve seen similar research work done with an academic medical center client of mine where patients would answer a series of direct clinical questions delivered by an animated bird at a free-standing kiosk with much more candor than patients who were being evaluated as part of a nurses or physicians initial assessment.  read more

Another Second Life location I found online was HealthInfo Island offering a similar social location within Second Life to communicate and share information.

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