How to configure the iPhone with Sherweb’s MS Exchange 2007

10 Jul

So I jumped the gun and downloaded the iPhone restore firmware (iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw) from Apple and upgraded my phone using a Windows XP desktop I have in my home office.   Here are the steps I took to install the firmware and configure Exchange to work with my hosting provider Sherweb.

How to upgrade to the 2.0 version of the firmware:
(NOTE:  This will wipe out any of your previous settings and media stored on your iPhone)

1.  Download the latest version of iTunes 7.7 from Apple

2.  Download the 2.0 firmware restore image from Apple and save to your desktop

3.  After installing iTunes and syncing your iPhone one last time go to the iPhone device config section by selecting your iPhone from the DEVICES side of the iTunes interface.  In the Summary tab hold down the shift key and click “Check for Update”  this will prompt you for the ipsw firmware image you downloaded earlier.  Select the iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw image and click OK.

4.  Follow the simple steps to upgrade your pre 2.0 version iPhone.  It will take several minutes to update the firmware from the 225MB image file.

Once complete your iPhone will reboot and you will see the App Store listed on your home screen.

Note when the phone first boots you will be prompted to enter your VM password, and you may want to reconfigure any Wi-Fi settings you had set before the upgrade.

iPhone_Exchange_Setup 001

How to configure Sherweb Hosted Exchange 2007:

1.  Tap on the Mail Icon from the home screen and you are presented with the following screen

iPhone_Exchange_Setup 002

2.  Select “Microsoft Exchange” (Obviously) :) and you will be presented with the following screen

iPhone_Exchange_Setup 003

Now here are the key fields I found after many attempts (Since there is no support thread on the Sherweb site other than how to configure the iPhone with IMAP which I don’t want to do)

Email: Existing E-Mail Address (i.e.
Username: ihostSAM Account Name ( i.e ihostyourname_yourdoma  which can be found by logging into the Sherweb admin console at
Password: Your current Exchange password

3.  Click Next and the server will verify your account settings.  It should come up automatically but in the event you are prompted for a Server enter the following: and click Next again to verify.

The process is pretty quick and the next screen prompts you to enter the synchronization settings.  If you want to Sync your Mail, Contacts, and Calendars then just make sure all the selections are ON.

iPhone_Exchange_Setup 004

There you have it…  I’m finally getting to take advantage of the Active Sync features in the 2.0 firmware.  It feels a little like Christmas since the Apple should be releasing the 2.0 firmware sometime tomorrow with the 3G iPhone.

Now on to the App Store for some free applications…

iPhone_Exchange_Setup 005

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