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When I initially worked with the Microsoft Surface table at this year’s HIMSS conference in Chicago, IL I was left a little uninspired.  I think the deep dives into some different applications at this years MSHUG conference got me thinking about how this tech could be used in a clinic.  It is definitely a collaborative […]

MSHUG 2009 Day Two

3, Sep 2009

Today wrapped up the final day of MSHUG 2009.  Most of the seminars were good and cements the notion that I would like to present the innovative development and architecture we are implementing at WellMed at a future MSHUG Exchange.  Microsoft is putting their efforts and resources behind the Microsoft Common User Interface ( and […]

Got Bing?

3, Sep 2009

I must admit I was surprised to see this can of liquid Bing in the cooler at the Microsoft Conference Center today.  I must admit that it offers a refreshing alternative to Google… In case you are wondering this can of Bing is sparkling water.

MSHUG 2009 Day One

2, Sep 2009

Day one is complete and this year the attendees seem a bit smaller than last year.  The presentations were good and can be downloaded from the website.  I enjoyed the developer tracks more than others.  It is clear that our architecture decisions to move forward with a Silverlight implementation of a client application will […]