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Desktop Marketshare of Linux Passes 1%

Watch out Apple and Microsoft…Linux has just hit the 1% mark in desktop market share!!!    I jest ever so slightly but I type this blog entry on the latest 9.04 release of Ubuntu which by far has been the best out of the box Linux experience I have had on a laptop.  Mark Shuttleworth and his team are doing some fabulous things wtih Ubuntu.  No complicated video drivers to install to get compiz fusion working, just a simple effects radio button to enable.  Default fonts are very easy to read and configured automatically for LCD screens making the overall look and feel of the OS a great experience.  I especially like the notification service which I equate to using Growl on OS X and those darn pop-up bubbles on Windows.  I’m proud to say my two boys have been Ubuntu users for the past several years.  I just recently installed Wine and can report that several windows based games run very well under linux.  I must admit it is a far better method than trying to run a virutal machine under Linux.    Kudo’s to the entire community for putting forth such a great effort.  Will Linux overtake OS X and Microsoft anytime soon….  I still say no but times they are a changin.