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XPrize offers $10M to Help Solve America’s Health Care Challenges

There is nothing like a little competition to help drive innovation.  WellPoint, Inc. , the nation’s largest health benefits company, and the WellPoint Foundation, one of the largest corporate foundations in the United States are collaborating with the X PRIZE Foundation to develop an X PRIZE designed to generate new ways to address the nation’s serious health care system challenges.

We’ve seen several organizations come together in their bid to

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Medicare Incentive Program Begins In January

The non-for-profit organization eHealth Initiative has released a 40-page how-to-guide intended to educate physicians and other prescribers about the cost-saings and safety benefits of e-prescribing in the coming months before CMS begins paying a two percent bonus for writing electronic prescriptions for Medicare beneficiaries on January 1st.  The guide walks practices through IT selection and implementation and the current state of e-prescribing initiatives and promotions.

Considerations for organizations considering e-prescribing include the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency’s prohibition on e-prescribing of Schedule II controlled subltances.  The DEA has proposed rules for e-prescribing controlled substances, however that proposal has been controversial as it presents a separate process for clinicians to follow which has met opposition.