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It was only a matter of time before the popularity of Apple’s OS X and iPhone attracted hackers.  Security specialists said Saturday that hackers are taking increasing aim at iPhones and Macintosh computers as the hot-selling Apple devices gain popularity worldwide. Hackers have historically focused devious efforts on computers using Windows operating systems because the […]

The convenience of online medical record access can also mean the convenient dissemination of information as well.  Despite notifications from UCLA Medical Center warning employees that it was auditing and taking a firm stance on unauthorized access to medical records, the privacy of a “well-known individual” was breached by two nurses and an ER technician […]

SugarCRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) application with the tag line “commercial open source”. This seems like a contradiction of terms but one of the founders and current CEO , John Roberts, is an open source advocate and former engineer so he understands the value in opening up the application and providing a free […]

So I was doing a little research on how Apple has differentiated itself with its hardware compared to that of the commodity hardware in the PC Markets. I’ve heard of several stories when Apple converted to Intel processors of hackers trying to run OS X on non-Apple hardware. The biggest setback is the legacy BIOS […]

I’ve started to take notice at the different business model approaches behind both Apple and Microsoft. Microsoft has a long history of providing backward compatibility with it’s software which, I believe, is one of the primary reasons why it has developed such a huge market share. Apple on the other extreme has complete control over […]

Hamachi is the original name for the VPN client application for Linux, Windows, and Macs that allows for a virutual network to be created by simply joining with a Network name and a secure shared key. A virutal network adapter is installed and operates in the background tranfering traffic through a private (publically non-routable) IP […]