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The $1.2 billion market size falls under Munster ’s “Agrressive Case” scenario in which there are 85 million iPhone and iPod Touch users through the end of next year, 95 percent of whom would need to actively use the store. Still, given that Apple has the device available in six countries right now but will […]

SDK downloaded

10, Jun 2008

Of all people to convince me to download an SDK my wonderful wife thought it would be cool to develop an application for the iPhone. Now perhaps she got caught up in all the activity surrounding Steve Job’s keynote at WWDC ’08 this year but I figured why not download the SDK and try my […]

In the early part of this decade, some of the biggest worries about hybrids were how could the batteries possibly last, when would they finally give out, and how much would it cost to have them replaced. These days, concerns about batteries have largely faded out of the minds of new car buyers. read more

After many and I mean many attempts at getting X Windows installed on my nw8240 I am very pleased to see that the latest Ubuntu 8.04 release works flawlessly even running Compiz 3D effects! Previously the default driver would not work properly and drive the LCD at a different refresh rate all but preventing it […]