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Bye Bill…

30, Jun 2008

Bill Gates has officially left Microsoft as an active executive in the day-to-day operations. Is Microsoft in trouble…hardly but this iconic leader and visionary has certainly transformed the modern landscape of computing and making computers a household name. I can vividly recall purchasing my first Microsoft based PC running Windows 3.11. A lot has changed […]

New Trojan Leverages Unpatched Mac Flaw. A tool for exploiting an unpatched security hole in Mac OS X systems has been developed and until earlier today was being distributed through an online forum that caters to Mac hackers, Security Fix has learned. read more


23, Jun 2008

My wife’s eCommerce site has launched here Princess and the Peas and she is adding products like crazy… It has been an interesting experience watching this come together. My wife has done a lot of work and the design is awesome. She as let me totally take care of the technical aspects of the site […]

Make me a sandwich… As I download another copy of Ubuntu 8.04 to install on the HP Laptop I have I found this great linux cartoon. My wife was quite confused when I explained this to her the first time but she humored me none-the-less. Now all I need is this on a T-Shirt. šŸ™‚

Finally, a modern file system on a consumer OS As if Grand Central weren’t enough bad news for Microsoft, now they have ZFS to contend with. Building a reliable, high-performance file system takes years and Microsoft doesn’t have years to respond. The formal announcement is for Snow Leopard server, which is how Apple introduces new […]

This certainly bigger than the 10k sq. ft. data center we constructed with Relera adjacent to the Level3 co-location facility on the east side of San Antonio.Ā  Of couse our IDC was aboutĀ  1/10 the cost of Microsofts as well.Ā  The higher the 9’s in availabity the more money, infrastructure, and resources you must to […]

Have you ever wanted to learn how top 100 web sites are architected? Deep Fried Bytes hosts Keith Elder and Chris Woodruff sat down with Joe Stump, Lead Architect at DIGG to discuss scaling large web sites, his life, development experiences and team building. read moreĀ 

A single cell is the most awesomely sophisticated molecular machine yet produced. A self-directing, self-replicating micro-factory capable of complex constructions, automated repair and even (like all good sci-fi-sounding devices) self-destruct. The first cells, however, were much less “complex mechanisms” and significantly more “Shake and Bake” read more

Apple is very innovative with the iPhone but that gap won’t last long with features like this taking hold in mobile devices and an army of open source developers providing the catalyst for new and interesting features.


13, Jun 2008

My very first iPod has passed it’s second birthday so I thought I would share the podcasts that have frequented and often filled its 1.8″ hard drive over the past couple of years. Cranky Geeks The Digg Reel Diggnation DL.TV GigaOm Show Linux Action Show MacBreak Weekly MacWorld Video Onion News Network OnOpenSource PHP_Abstract popSiren […]