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What makes a patient portal successful? Is it really worth the time and effort involved in integrating multiple systems into one cohesive view? Should you allow patients to view their medical records online? Will patients sign-up and use such features? Is the workflow change for my staff worth the effort? These are common questions I […]

Like most people who have used computers in the past 15 years I am very familiar with Microsoft’s products. Office 2007, which was made available to the general public on January 30, 2007 had some profound user interface enhancements; many of which I like. The ribbon interface is one of the more innovative features to […]

It’s not often I see something that causes me to stop in my tracks while at a trade show. This year at HIMSS 08 in Orlando, FL I dropped by the PatientKeeper booth ( and noticed a wall of approximately 40 devices all running native software applications that allows providers to keep track of patient […]