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As tropical storm Gustav approaches hurricane strength and heads toward the Gulf Coast, the IT lessons learned from the devastating Hurricanes Katrina and Rita that smashed New Orleans and other areas in 2005 are on the minds of many worried IT managers. Disaster recovery plans are critical in weather prone areas such as this. Even […]

Virtualization continues to be a big topic among Mac users with Intel-powered Macs. Products from Parallels and VMware allow you to easily run many different operating systems on your Mac, each within its own protected virtual environment. Recently, a third player entered the market—Sun, with its VirtualBox product.

Finally, a modern file system on a consumer OS As if Grand Central weren’t enough bad news for Microsoft, now they have ZFS to contend with. Building a reliable, high-performance file system takes years and Microsoft doesn’t have years to respond. The formal announcement is for Snow Leopard server, which is how Apple introduces new […]

This certainly bigger than the 10k sq. ft. data center we constructed with Relera adjacent to the Level3 co-location facility on the east side of San Antonio.  Of couse our IDC was about  1/10 the cost of Microsofts as well.  The higher the 9’s in availabity the more money, infrastructure, and resources you must to […]