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Some big ideas come from asking pretty simple questions… As it turns out the inspiration and vision for the development of an innovative Care Delivery Platform at WellMed was born out of necessity.  A necessity to accurately and efficiently deliver timely information about patients health status to caregivers at the point of care and document […]

Happy New Year

1, Jan 2010

I usher in 2010 with both anticipation and excitement for new things to come.  There are a lot of exciting things I’m working on and look forward to sharing in the coming year.  This should truly be a banner year for delivering some exciting applications that will truly change the face of health care.  I […]

With our new website up and our inaugural event starting tomorrow afternoon at 11:30 a.m. at Dave & Busters our registrations are steadily increasing.  We expect to see a crowd of at least 60.  This has been several months in the making and I’m thrilled we were able to get such a great speaker to […]

We-Think is an interesting concept that focuses on the Internet and how it increases your level of connection with others. The process of becoming connected increases your chances of collaboration in areas that otherwise may have gone unnoticed.

The installation for Windows 7 is much faster via USB than CD so I decided to cut as much time off any install as possible by installing the distribution media onto USB rather than the old-school circa 1998 CD-ROM method. If this interests you then continue reading…

So I’ve been running Windows 7 since early September when the release to production copy was opened up for MSDN subscribers.  I can honestly attest that this is by far the best relese of Windows to come out of Redmond to-date.  The ugly duckling known as Vista has shed its skin and what has emerged […]

When I initially worked with the Microsoft Surface table at this year’s HIMSS conference in Chicago, IL I was left a little uninspired.  I think the deep dives into some different applications at this years MSHUG conference got me thinking about how this tech could be used in a clinic.  It is definitely a collaborative […]

MSHUG 2009 Day Two

3, Sep 2009

Today wrapped up the final day of MSHUG 2009.  Most of the seminars were good and cements the notion that I would like to present the innovative development and architecture we are implementing at WellMed at a future MSHUG Exchange.  Microsoft is putting their efforts and resources behind the Microsoft Common User Interface ( and […]

  I’ll be headed to Redmond, WA tomorrow for the 2009 Microsoft Healthcare User Group conference.   If you follow this blog you will remember I attended last year and came back with a slightly less jaded perspective of Microsoft’s efforts in the health care space.  As a company I think Microsoft has made some great strides in […]

According to a manhattanRESEARCH report the number of physicians using smartphones surged to 64% in 2009.  This is useful of a couple of strategic fronts.  The utilization of smartphones is an indication of how connected physicians are becoming and their reliance toward “always on” information.  In my mind this places mobile device development within my […]